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When Stephanie McLaughlin found herself single and unattached in the year of her 40th birthday, she decided to go big: To celebrate “The Big Four-Oh” over 40 drinks with 40 friends in 40 different places. She thought she’d blog about the encounters, just for fun. She had no idea that she was about to embark upon the journey of her lifetime. Read More

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When The Forty Drinks Project ended, Stephanie realized that her life had changed dramatically. And people seemed sincerely interested and engaged anytime she talked about it. She began to recognize that she had tapped into something bigger than herself. She realized that the story had appeal beyond her personal network. That inspired her to start working with a friend to explore the larger themes and stories that made the project so intriguing to a wider audience. That exercise ultimately turned into a book proposal that is currently being shopped to publishers by a big-time NYC literary agent! While the project, and the original blog, focused on individual stories, the book will focus on how those stories changed Stephanie, how she changed her life and found happiness. Read More

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People think I’m ridiculous. And I am ridiculous. I’ve been trying to put a lid on that ridiculousness most of my life and the lid just never seems to fit — because I sort of like being ridiculous. So after enduring some eye-rolling and a few chuckles from colleagues, family and even my Framily, I made up my mind to just do it: Forty Drinks with 40 friends in 40 different places. And each drink would have some relevance to my friend or our relationship.
We’ve all dreamed about it, haven’t we? Getting beyond the “friending” stage and actually reconnecting with old friends and boyfriends and even not-so-friends from our past, face-to-face, just to see how they look, what they’re up to, maybe reminisce a bit and laugh at the ridiculous crap you all did way back when? To me it sounded like fun, like an adventure. And I’m always up for an adventure. Read More

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There wouldn’t be a Forty Drinks Project without the drinks. Here is a small salute to the drinks that made up the story. When it’s published, the book will include recipes for the drinks included in the original project.

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